Comfortable Urban Fabric

Assel Yeszhanova, founder and creative force behind the Urban Forum almaty (now Urban Forum Kazakhstan), discusses the urban agenda as well as the comprehensive approach and role of the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.

Transformation Process

Sholpan Aytenova is an expert in public policy and monitoring, state finance, the promotion of international initiatives, and good standards of governance.

The Requisite Credo

Nadezhda Kozachenko, head of the Credo public association, on palliative care, harm reduction for HIV-infected and drug addicts, and how an organization can make a name for itself

Open Position

Irina Smirnova, Deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, shares her thoughts on the problems of school education, the rights of teachers, the transparency and accountability of the state budget, and how the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan began to formulate its position in civil society

Bad Jokes – Catalogue of exhibitions dedicated to human rights in Kazakhstan

The information in the catalogue is relevant at the time of the exhibitions. This catalogue was published with the support of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.