New Civil Initiatives

As a part of the new strategy for 2017-2020, the Youth Program of the Foundation is being transformed into the "New Civil Initiatives" Program. Young people will continue to be our focus, but at the same time opportunities will arise for cooperation with all civil society representatives.

The goal of the program is to support innovative forms of cooperation between various civil society representatives, in order to protect freedom of expression, to develop the participation of citizens and to promote non-discrimination and inclusion.

For this purpose, in 2017-2020, the SFK is going to lend support to:

  • Innovative projects aimed at the cooperation of creative community representatives, social businessmen, NGOs and human rights advocates and activists to address challenging social problems;
  • The emergence and development of public spaces in cities for the exercise of freedom of expression and corporate actions to address local problems;
  • Any other projects that meet the objectives of the program.