National day of mourning in Kazakhstan

Today is a national day of mourning in Kazakhstan. The Soros Foundation Kazakhstan expresses condolences and mourns together with the families of the victims.

“HUMAN RIGHTS: 50 SHADES OF BLUE” The new exhibition by Artmeken Gallery and Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan

On September 17, 2020, the exhibition “HUMAN RIGHTS: 50 SHADES OF BLUE,” dedicated to protecting human rights, will open in Artmeken Gallery, Almaty, with the support of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.

Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan will provide $ 500,000 to support the fight against COVID-19

The Board of Trustees of the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan decided to allocate a special reserve funds of $500,000 to help the most vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan.

“Living Memory” has been recognized as one of the best books written on a socially sensitive topic

In the framework of the Altyn Kalam literary contest held in Almaty the collective monograph “Living Memory” won the award for “Best Book on a Socially Significant Topic.” This book was born out of series of “Living Memory” lectures and podcasts which were supported by the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan in 2016-2018.

A new Chair of the Executive Council, Ms. Aida Aidarkulova has been chosen to lead the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan

Following an open recruitment competition held by the Board of Trustees and the Founder of the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan (SFK), Ms. Aida Aidarkulova has been appointed as the new Chair of the Executive Council and assumed her office on April 22, 2019.