Open Budget Fellowship



OSF is seeking proposals from experienced and qualified individuals to assist with identifying of a software solution for managing grants, which will be referred to as the Grants Tracking System. All interested applicants are required to provide a technical and financial proposal of no more than five pages, by 9.00am GMT Monday 30 March 2020. Address for electronic application submissions: Please make sure you receive a confirmation email, otherwise do not hesitate to request a confirmation from the contact person: Dumitru Chitoroaga – Terms of Reference for this call […]

“Living Memory” has been recognized as one of the best books written on a socially sensitive topic

In the framework of the Altyn Kalam literary contest held in Almaty the collective monograph “Living Memory” won the award for “Best Book on a Socially Significant Topic.” This book was born out of series of “Living Memory” lectures and podcasts which were supported by the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan in 2016-2018.