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Raisa Sairan Kader

Раиса Сайран Кадер

Founder and Director of Steppe&World Publishing and Alghayat Literary Agency based in Almaty.

Raisa has studied in Egypt, UK, USA and the Netherlands. Her work experience include the Chatham House in London,  ASYIA Investment in Kuwait, BEBE CASHMERE in Germany.  With an extensive academic, corporate, entrepreneurial and non-governmental project leading experience she is now putting all her knowledge and experience in bringing the worlds best literature to Kazakhstan. Steppe&World was established in 2017 and has successfully partnered with world’s leading publishing houses and published world renowned books in Kazakh language. Steppe&World’s strength and focus lie on easy and high quality translation of the literature.  Raisa is a social entrepreneur with an aim to become the leading  publisher in native Kazakh language and provide maximum dose of positive impact on the local communities, especially the young generation