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“1937: Zhoktau Memory Territory” Art Project

The City of Astana, May 30, 2014, 06:00 p.m. – Ilyas Dzhansugurov Public Foundation, “Nedelka Projekt” Art initiative and the Palace of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the assistance of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan represent the “1937Zhoktau Memory Territory” Art Project.

The exhibition “Zhoktau” is an opening event to mark the Commemoration Day of Victims of Political Repressions, traditionally celebrated on May 31. Political repressions have touched almost every family along with people of different ethnicities. Back then, Kazakhstan was a center of political turmoil as well as a home for those struggling in labor camps.

The scales and consequences of Bolshevik repression survived by the society in the twentieth century are a poorly studied theme for the considerable part of citizens, especially young people, and many people are not even aware of this fact.

“Nothing promotes the development of national pride and self-consciousness as the study of history. The revival of national consciousness is impossible without the revival of true history of the nation”, said Ermek Tursunov, a well-known Kazakh filmmaker and writer.

The mission of the “1937Zhoktau Memory Territory” Art Project is the understanding of the nature of repression, its depth and consequences for contemporary society through the works of artists of different generations.

“In the time of repressions when they become the action and essence of the system, in the atmosphere of extreme exasperation against the harmony and human existence it is essential to recognize it. Moreover, true artists feel all things well and always respond”, said Murat Auezov, a culture expert.

The works represented in “1937Zhoktau Memory Territory” Art Project are created in various media, but are collected in a single space for one purpose: bring back to memory and prevent from happening again. “The lasting value of art is in the enormous force of impact on human being’s heart and soul and further on his mind through an emotional perception”, said Azhar Jandossova, the President of Ilyas Dzhansugurov Foundation.

For additional information, please contact Azhar Jandossova by phone: + 7 777 213 05 60 or by e-mail: azhar.jandossova59@gmail.com