Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan Statement on the arbitrary detention of citizens in Kazakhstan on June 9, 10 and 12, 2019
“Living Memory” has been recognized as one of the best books written on a socially sensitive topic

Research of economic opportunities for rural women to be included in the economic agenda of the government as a separate category of socially vulnerable population

This report contains the results of scientific and applied research, including the results of field surveys in 14 regions of Kazakhstan, followed by the analysis of data broken down into five megaregions (North, South, East, West, Center), as well as the analysis of official statistics, policies and practices that affect the situation of women in rural areas. The value of the research is to compile a comprehensive socio-demographic profile of rural women and trends that shape the mood, and assessment of their own situation. As a rule, research on women focuses on gender issues without a detailed analysis of individual categories by geography, and socio-demographic research does not delve into specific issues for individual groups of the population and the effectiveness of state support measures for them from the point of view of these people. This research attempts to create a holistic socio-demographic portrait of rural women and to analyse the challenges they face on a daily basis.

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