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“Living Memory” has been recognized as one of the best books written on a socially sensitive topic

In the framework of the Altyn Kalam literary contest held in Almaty the collective monograph “Living Memory” won the award for “Best Book on a Socially Significant Topic.” This book was born out of series of “Living Memory” lectures and podcasts which were supported by the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan in 2016-2018.

I am thrilled to receive this award. “Living memory. Stalinism in Kazakhstan: The Past. The Memory. Overcoming.” – this book has brought together the work of prominent scientists, researchers, writers coming from different generations as well as different academic traditions. And I would like to thank the co-editors of the book the Doctors of Science Ms. Zhulduzbek Abylkhozhin and Mr. Mikhail Akulov, and all other authors of the book and, of course, the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, which supported the “Living Memory” project from the very beginning and continues to support it now” says Ms. Aleksadra Tsai the author of the book, when receiving the award.

The book was released in a limited edition and can be found in some Kazakhstani libraries, while the electronic version of the book in Russian is available on the SFK website by this link for everyone who wants to read it online. This year, in connection with the 25th anniversary of the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, the book will be translated into Kazakh and English.

The book consists of three chapters: “History”, “Memory” and “Art” and explores not only the history of the Stalinist repressions in Kazakhstan in the 1930-1940s, but also the memory of these atrocities and how they are being re-thought by members of modern Kazakhstan society.