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Adamdar/CA – a Website about Central Asia

A new multimedia platform Adamdar.CA (Cental Asia and Caucasus) describing people, projects and ideas of the Central Asian region has been launched under support of the New Civil Initiatives Program of the Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation.

The project aims to share stories of people, topical issues and natural beauty of the wonderful Central Asian region, as well as to develop projects together with representatives of Central Asia countries directed to cultural background, art and social activism.

“There was not a single media platform devoted to modern cultural and contemporary art processes in society of Central Asia and Caucasus. Also, there were no projects dedicated to doctors, teachers, rescuers, civil society activists, etc. These are mostly unknown and behind the scenes people, but these are people who make a differences and positive impacts,” said Timur Nusimbekov, one of the authors of the project.

“One of the goals of the New Civil Initiatives Program of the Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation is to support innovative projects in order to secure interaction of representatives of creative communities, social businessmen, NGOs, human rights defenders and civil society activists to address urgent social issues. In this regard, since last year we have been supporting the SIGS public space in Almaty, which has become the basis for the Adamdar multimedia platform,” said Saule Mamayeva, coordinator of the New Civil Initiatives Program of the Foundation.

Information on the web platform is presented in Kazakh, Russian, English and other languages of the CA region. More than 1000 unique visitors from the countries of the near and far abroad visited the website within two weeks from the moment of its launch. In the near future, the Adamdar Talks project will be launched on the basis of SIGS Space (Almaty), where various resourceful speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the Kazakh audience in the format of discussions, workshops, lectures and creative meetings.