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Adventures of Maxim and Sana

Why indifference is inhuman? Is thinking an entertainment or a duty? Do we know how to defer to an alternative opinion? Maxim and Sana who are the principal characters of the series of animated films of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan are pursuing answers to these and other questions.

The first episode was presented a few months ago and is already loved by many viewers. Today, all the episodes are available online. In these episodes our little heroes fall into major and minor adventures and learn simple but very important truths.

“Animation is a very capacious genre that enjoys popularity. That is why we decided to use it to tell about the values of open society”says Anton Artemyev, the Chairman of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan Board. “I hope that our animation films will find a response in the hearts of spectators of different ages and Maxim and Sana will become their favorite heroes.”

The authors of the films are Nicolas Journoud, a famous French animator and Mikhail Vorobyev, a Kazakhstani animator.

The adventures of Maxim and Sana can be viewed at the following links: