11. What are the main criteria for the selection of applications?

The grant is given within the framework of the initiatives and programs being implemented by the SFK at the time of application consideration, which determine the procedure and conditions for acceptance of applications, as well as criteria for their consideration.

The grants are provided on a competitive basis or out of competition, according to the goals and tasks of the Foundation’s programs and strategies. The grant applications within the framework of competitions shall be submitted to the SFK according to the time limits specified in the announcement of a competition. The out-of-competition applications are accepted for consideration throughout the year.

22. Can the Foundation’s employees render assistance or consultation in the course of preparing an application?
The SFK’s Program Coordinators can answer questions regarding the program activity, the process for completion and submission of applications. However, they do not provide highly specialized answers to questions on project preparation.
33. May the commercial organizations submit a grant application?
Yes, according to the Regulations on SFK’s grants, these organizations may submit a grant application.
44. May foreign organizations/applicants qualify for the SFK’s grants?
The organizations and applicants from other countries may also qualify for the SFK’s grants in accordance with the usual procedure for the implementation of projects in the territory of Kazakhstan and/or aimed for the good of the Kazakh citizens.
55. Who can apply for a grant?
The Foundation renders support solely on the basis of applications and within the framework of the projects that meet the goals and tasks of the program areas of the SFK. The Foundation does not consider applications for funding individual medical and commercial projects, and does it support political parties, trade unions, religious organizations and individuals running for election.
66. In which cases can I apply for a travel grant and what is the deadline for submission of the application for a travel grant?
The SFK can pay for travel expenses of persons going to participate in the events (conferences, symposiums, trainings, workshops, educational programs, training tours, etc.) in Kazakhstan and abroad SOLELY ACCORDING TO PRIORITY PROGRAM AREAS OF THE SFK. All applicants shall submit an application form of relevant pattern, an executive summary, an official invitation, an event program, as well as in the case of planned speech at the event, the abstracts, which shall not exceed 2 (two) pages. The period for submission of an application for travel grant to the Foundation – at least 45 (forty-five) calendar days prior to the event abroad and 15 (fifteen) calendar days if in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.
77. In what language shall the application be completed?
You can submit the application both in Russian and Kazakh languages. Irrespective of the fact of what language the application is being submitted, the completion of the fields which require provision of information in Kazakh and Russian languages is compulsory.
88. In which form shall the grant application be submitted?
The grant application shall be submitted in electronic form to email addresses: application@soros.kz and sorosapplication@gmail.com
99. Are there any limitations on the size of files being sent?
The total weight of e-mail message, including all the files attached, shall not exceed 3 MB. If the size is exceeded, it is better to create a multi-volume archive and send the archive volumes in several letters.
1010. Can the budget of the approved application be changed?
All funds within the framework of the grants shall be expended in strict compliance with the approved budget of the grant. Any changes in the budget shall be agreed with the Foundation; changes more than 10% of the grant are considered to affect the implementation of the Project and recorded in the separate protocol to be signed by the grantee and SFK.