111. Are there any limitations on the implementation period of the projects?
There are no limitations on the implementation period of the grant project. Everything depends on the nature of the specific project, but the SFK recommends to approach reasonably the project implementation period, i.e. not to reduce it too much, nor yet to extend it too much, because in the former case this can affect the quality of the project implementation; in the latter case this can lead to an increase in the project budget. It should also be noted that after signing the Grant Agreement the project shall be implemented in strict compliance with the time limits specified in the Agreement.
212. How is the execution of the SFK’s grant being tracked in terms of achieving the goals and tasks of the project?
The Grant Monitoring and Assessment (M&A) System has been developed in the SFK. The SFK applies several tools for monitoring and assessment of grants in relation to the grantees, which include the inspection of the grant reporting, the monitoring visits to the grantees’ organizations, visit of the events held within the framework of the grant, recording and tracking of achievement of target values (project indicators), the collection and processing of information from the project partners and beneficiaries, and the project evaluation. Monitoring and assessment of the project are carried out according to approved policy and procedures of the SFK; the M&A results are brought to notice of all the stakeholders, including the grantee. Following the M&A results, the SFK draws a conclusion on success of the grant issued, reasonability of continuing activity under the grant and cooperation with the grantee.
313. May an organization give a sub(mini)-grant within the framework of the SFK’s grant
The grantees do not have the right to give sub-grants to third parties from the funds of the SFK’s grant.
414. What costs are not covered within the framework of the SFK’s grant?
Within the framework of the SFK’s grant the funds may not be expended for the following: Entertainment expenses, gratuities, fines, alcoholic and tobacco products; Commission fees and interests paid as a result of the loan utilization; Payments in favor of any political campaign and party; Sub-grants; Other expenses not specified in the project budget. Purchase of buildings, vehicles and expensive equipment; Overhaul; Financial assistance to private individuals; Costly ceremonies; Expenses for unlicensed products (including software), products and materials; Furthermore, some grant agreements contain other specially stipulated limitations, such as the prohibition to use the grant funds for the purpose of changing the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries, initiating new regulatory legal acts, influencing the election process, etc. The text of the grant agreement shall be read carefully before signature, and subsequently all its terms and conditions shall be strictly observed.
515. Are the letters of support to be provided together with the grant application?
Provision of the letters of support is not a mandatory requirement, however this depends on the nature of the project. If the project execution substantially depends on the participation of any key partner (for example, any state authority and/or institutions), the availability of the letter of support from this partner may increase the chances for financing. Moreover, in the course of preparing the approved project for signature of the Grant Agreement, the SFK may request such letters from the project’s key partners specified in the grant application.
616. If our organization has submitted the application for the same project to several donor organizations, is it necessary to specify this in the grant application of the SFK?
Yes, this should be specified in Section 11 “Financing from other sources” of the grant application. If the organization receives a grant for the project implementation from another donor organization, with respect to which a positive decision on the grant allocation would be adopted by the SFK, this shall be outspoken openly in the SFK. A decision with respect to this issue will be made separately, taking into account all details and specific features of the project.
717. What currency shall be used in the budgets? US Dollars or Kazakhstani Tenge?
Budgets in the grant applications are to be submitted only in Kazakhstani Tenge.
818. What tax deductions shall be included in the calculation of salaries and wages for the employees?
Two types of deductions – mandatory pension contributions (10%) and social contributions (5%) shall be included for calculation of the budget item “Salaries and wages”. The SFK is included in the list of official donor organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and this means that the SFK’s grantees are released from social tax.
919. Are such indirect expenses as office rental and/or utility expenses financed?
Yes, but such expenses shall be reasonable and relative to the projects financed by the Foundation. If the organization implements several projects, such expenses shall be distributed among all the projects, and not only be applied to the projects funded by the SFK. If the organization does not have other projects, the SFK will consider the opportunity of 100% coverage of these expenses, provided that they are not large in amount and within reasonable bounds.
1020. Are the documents submitted together with the application to be notarized?
No, there is no need to notarize the documents.