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International Day of Youth

What is it? In 1999 the General Assembly of the UN supported the recommendation of the World conference of ministers about affairs of youth about declaration on August 12 in the International afternoon of youth (International Youth Day). Since 2000 this day regularly celebrate in the different countries.

The purpose – to note achievements of youth in the world, to encourage participation of youth in society strengthening, development of local communities, to propagandize voluntary activity средимолодежи.

The youth aged from 15 till 29 years makes the one sixth part of the population of all globe.

What do this day in other countries?

Many actions and the events occurring worldwide on the occasion of the International day of youth, seek to show achievements which young people bring to this world.

At the state level of the country take part in this global action, organizing youth conferences on such questions, as education, employment and other. At local level, the youth will organize various useful initiatives in the societies, the cities, yards, hold various sporting events, exhibitions and many other things.

What can you make?

You too can celebrate the International day of youth. And the main thing to make a contribution to development of the society, the city, the village, school, a yard, a family, etc. For this purpose:

On August 12 make GOOD, USEFUL DEED itself or together with friends;

remove about it the PHOTO REPORT, the ROLLER or write HISTORY, the COMIC BOOK;

MATERIALS on youth@soros.kz till August 17 came to us.

The brightest and unusual stories will be shined on our site and are widespread among our partners.

Enter itself in history of the society and set an example of another!