Tanya Burdett: The public should be involved in decision-making

 NGO leaders working on public participation issues took part in a five day training conducted by the International Association for Public Participation.

Maxwell Watson: People need to know that you do not have to die in pain

Maxwell Watson, a visiting professor of palliative medicine in Ulster University and an acting medical director in Northern Ireland Hospice, Belfast, visited Almaty for conducting a one week course on palliative care for Kazakhstani physicians.

Making Oral Opioids Available in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The article”Making Oral Opioids Available in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: the industry speaks out” was published on the www.ehospice.com website. The article and the current situation on access to opioid analgesics for palliative care patients in our country made me speak out my opinion about it.

The palliative care development in Kazakhstan

Since 2008, the Soros Kazakhstan Foundation (SKF) ensures the palliative care development in Kazakhstan. During this period the Foundation granted aid for national palliative care standard development.

Is it possible to create a newspaper from scratch and to live on advertising?

 This question is being answered by the first guest of the “In One’s Own Words” section, Marat Makhmetov, the founder and promotions director of the “My City” newspaper. Over the past two years, the Foundation has supported 15 regional media organizations in the process of their transition to multimedia versions.