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Transparency of State Procurements

A 2-day international meeting was held in Almaty by non-governmental organizations of Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan participating in joint project dedicated to review of state procurement procedures.

This project is implemented by alliances of not-for-profit organizations of Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Kazakhstan supported within the program titled “East to East: Partnership without Borders” financed by    Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan and International Renaissance Foundation.

«Our Foundation maintains collaboration and interaction between non-governmental organizations from different countries, which deal with transparency of state finance, as this enables our partners to share information and experience» – commented by Mr. Anton Artemiev, Chairman of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.

The project has enabled obtaining a positive experience in the field of synchronous study of issues related to transparency of state procurement procedures in all partner countries. The results of the study have shown that current legislation for state procurements comply with international standards to a large extent. However according to experts practices of application of the legislation differ significantly from what is written “on paper”.

The meeting participants discussed issues of societal contribution to a decision-making process and appropriate government administration, appeal procedures and rules of acceptance of procurement results, independence of a body designed to consider adequate claims, as well as restricted tender access provided to foreign suppliers.

National alliances of non-governmental organizations for budgetary transparency and accountability have summarized all the findings and recommendations resulted from the study, and this activity will be continued through the collaboration with state authorities.