Web site of Soros Foundation Kazakhstan obtains the Internet Prize Award-2013
Kazakhstan adopted the National standards for palliative care provision

Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan’s New Strategy

This January, Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan (SFK) starts implementing its new strategy for 2014 – 2017, which will continue to work in traditional for the Foundation fields, such as human rights, public finance transparency, development of independent media and support of youth initiatives. In the meantime, the Foundation will take on new concepts: Public Policy, Local Budget and Social Inclusion.

“For the next four years, the Foundation has set ambitious goals, which are reflected in our new initiatives. Our work will be centered around the development of public policy in Kazakhstan, support of the rights of people with mental disorders to live, study and work without isolation from society, and furthering best practices of budget transparency and accountability for local govenments,” said Nargis Kassenova, SFK’s Chair of the Board of Trustees.

“Our strategy will retain its adherence to principles of equality, justice, observance of human rights, fostering public finance transparency, and increasing tolerance and civic engagement,” she said.